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Fat Joy Podcast with Sophia Apostol & E-K Daufin

CW: Mature Audiences Only

How is ending #intersectional #weightstigma important to you? If you love/like #podcasts and/or support #FatLib, you want to make time now to see/listen to me on Sophia Apostol’s  Fat Joy E35 (now available on YouTube).

If you enjoy flowing with my #griots #ancestralskills of spiral storytelling, this episode that covered many connected Fat life equity subjects in verbal/vibrational thread and nail art, is def fo’ yo’. I list only a few of the topics below and I list more in the comments on Facebook:

Talk about Marilyn Wann’s Fat!So? At 01:04:10
Clarissa Corona @ 48:44
#haes, #weightstigma, #eatingdisorders
Layers of Unearned #privilege, #misogynoir, rape vs. sex,
and for more see the comments.

— Rev Dr E-K Daufin, award winning author of the book On Fat And Faith: Ending Weight Stigma in Yourself, Your Sanctuary and Society

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